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Kiran Leonard
“Dear Lincoln”

Kiran Leonard

Really not easy being on holidays. Technically, we’re still on it. Having just fluttered back into dreary-ass London a little over three hours ago – sandwiched between two of the most wretched excuses of hungover men that anyone could possibly imagine (sorry Jez and Chris, but you two are the most fidgey-widgey people to sit in-between even on a short-haul flight and we are fucking having the aisle seat next time) and humming like a bee ourselves – within about, dunno, 6 or 7 seconds of touching down on British tarmac we got a couple of anxious (to say the least) phone calls related to a digital cock-up. This was swiftly followed by the Victoria line breaking down on the northbound platform of Kings Cross, and then finally entering our flat to find a just-come-off-tour Jordan Fish a bit naked (albeit in his own room) and a couple of court summons laying about hither and tither for something completely unrelated to us personally, although Islington Council seem rather unconvinced of that minor detail (heads shall roll, and they give a fucketh not of whose in particular). We are well and truly home, it seems. Cool. Given this rather erratic and pretty much downright barmy sequence of quickfire events, quirky Track Of The Day Dear Lincoln from Kiran Leonard seems more than appropriate. Our mate (or rather, our brother’s actual mate, but he can be our mate too right?) Piyush who we unintentionally but still awesomely met up with last week on the continent told us to check him out. Upon checking-outing, seems he’s getting online love all over the bloody shop. Which is nice. He’s 17 and he is from Manchester. Taking evidence solely from this clip bursting of energy – given we have a million things to do right now, of course – we’re getting a vibe of something similar to Focus slapping Frank Zappa, or The Divine Comedy smashing The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, and maybe some of The Kinks. We may have got a lot of that referencing wrong. Don’t care. Too tired. Just shut up and listen.

Kiran Leonard – Dear Lincoln

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