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“Birth Of A Felony”

Ballerina Black

Bloody hell. Great Escape. You may have taken our body but you actually enhanced our spirits this time, instead of crushing our soul completely with your Queen’s Hotels and your Below Belushi’s and your shitty-ass (literally) six-in-the-morning fish and chips (or whatever that place on the corner happens to have left over, we were never really that fussed at that point back in the day). But no. You didn’t get us this time, ya bastards. We played the sensible game, kind of. We admittedly did have shitty pizza three nights in a row circa 2am, but you can see even there that at least we are improving from what we were. In allegiance with our blogger bretheren The Recommender, My Band’s Better Than Your Band and Crack In The Road, we put on probably the best live shows we’ve ever been involved with, if we do say so ourselves. We were pretty much on our feet for 14 hours straight – shouting at people, being shouted at by people, trying to make ourselves useful, getting in the way of people who were actually being useful – and right now we are exhausted (but not fucked) and with a ringing-buzzy noise stuck in our heads. We also know what utter contentment in this context finally feels like; not just in terms of everyone involved doing absolutely everything they could to get this thing going (special props go out to Intern Ross and Intern Clark for putting up with our angst and actually maxing out on the elbow grease on the day itself simultaneously), but indeed how consistently packed out The Mesmerist was from start to finish for pretty much every artist performing. We got emotional to Embers in particular, mainly due to watching them for the very first time in the knowledge that it has taken us well over a year to get to that point in tandem with the recent release news. So yeah. We’re happy. Other people who are big into the Embers game (they said so in this email we got from em on Thursday) are LA peeps Ballerina Black. We spent a good hour just now, in our fatigued-based dishevellement, trying to work out whether their name was rolled out in indeed the aforementioned, or whether they were going for a clever twist on Baller In A Black. Whichever is cool by us. These dudes make good tunes and there is more than just a smack of post-punk/rock 80’s guitar scuzziness going on right here. We are thinking a clever concoction of all things cool in the vein of The Smiths (based on our modicum of research, these guys have posted up a cover of the very same of late), Joy DivisionThe Organ and Wax Idols. Yeah, that’s what we’re thinking. Another interesting nugget of information contained in the email sent to us by one Simon Mullington (wuddup) is that we have been promised free vacations in LA. Simon, please. Don’t cheapen this. With music this strong you don’t need to tart yourself up.

Ballerina Black – Birth Of A Felony


Ballerina Black – Knves

Ballerina Black – The Queen Is Dead (The Smiths Cover)

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  1. julia

    The Embers were great guys, I appreciated their comment about coming down ‘early’ at 12:45 in the arvo.

    It seems I made a rookie mistake with my first TGE. The fish came back to bite and The Queens Hotel has left me a little bruised.

    • killingmoon

      We couldn’t hear any of their comments guttingly. Rather we were completely deafened by their wall of sound. YEAYUH.

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