You wanna know what our (one of many) problem(s) is(/are)? We’ve got a big mouth. We talk too much. We say way too much shit to people we really shouldn’t be saying it to irrespective of the dire consequences. We went ahead and tweeted the other day to the world at large asking them to actually bombard us with as many streaming links as humanly possible, self-declaring Sunday “Demo Day” in all our self-righteous “look at us, we’re important” style glory. Turns out there’s quite a lot possible; with the streaming links, we mean. We may be the first people to raise a criminal case on the grounds of being absolutely battered into the ground with bloody Soundcloud. It is a bit like throwing a lit match into a room full of propane gas and expecting everything to carry on as normal. Alternatively, we can’t help but obsess over this sort of stuff, so in a similar-yet-very-different way it is a bit like….drugs, we guess. Anyway, we’ve not been through all these ruddy demos yet. We’ll get there one day. Instead, here is a track from Austin guys Speak. They did not send us this song. Instead, we are doing our usual thing of nicking one of the songs we recently reviewed on Amazing Radio’s supercool panel thingy and passing it off as our own discovery, which is nearly as bad as pretending to know stuff about a band you clearly know bugger-all about. We know stuff about these guys. For example, we’ve already mentioned that they’re from Austin. There are four of them. Current Track Of The Day Peaks has been blogged to shit by pretty much all and sundry, mainly as its a solid yet kinda off-the-beaten track given all the 80’s revivalism that is (still) going on right about now – it is a particularly pungent mix of the more quirky end of the indie-guitar spectrum, and we’re thinking that’s something like Everything Everything clashing with Vampire Weekend and/or Ra Ra Riot. At times a little bit mad, at others a whole lotta brilliant, all of this leaves a bit of a “we’ve simply got to see them live” taste in our mouths.

Speak – Peaks


Speak – Carrie

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