“Great Greens”


Friday. Gotta get down, have cereal, etc. We did all those things in the first half of today. In all honesty this weekend could not have come sooner. We must rest. It is going to be a little odd as we’ve got the youngish-adult equivalent of a free house, in that all three of our live-in homies (Jordan – off being a rock star on tour; Emma – off being a hen on a do; Ian – doing whatever the hell it is that Ian does, except in Germany) are away and have left us on our lonesome in our wicked-cool Finsbury Park pad. This essentially means we can play our V-drums in the living room marginally louder than we would otherwise be able to. Highlights that will come up in the next 24-48 hours-ish will include going bowling with some of our favourite people mere yards away from where we live this evening, followed by a day of hang-times with our fraternal buddy-men C-Dizzle and J-Lol-a-tron for the first time what feels like a fucking long time. We’ve got plans to hatch and schemes to plot about our very first venture to Primavera, towards which we allegedly promised last night not to mention work once for the duration lest we incur a 1-Euro fine for every breach of this cardinal rule. So, really, we’d better take a lot of Euros with us. It’s supposed to be a holiday. Trust us to select a music festival as a means to try and escape music. Ugh. Anyway, speaking of music, here is some by a band from Cambridge called Forest. They appear to have scuzzy guitars for DAYS, and shoegazey lyrical vibes that make us feel all lazy and spaced-out on the inside. Which is exactly what we need right now. This is actually perfect summer festival music, and you KNOW IT. They released an EP by the name of Sweetcure a little while ago on the Tip Top label, presumably from which current Track Of The Day Great Greens is lifted. We reckon they sound like Teenage Fanclub doing Caesers doing Pavement doing Drenge. Intern Russ reckons they sound like The Rakes. He’s probably right and likely in a far more qualified position to make such a call than ourselves. Anyway. Hear ye, HEAR YE.

Forest – The Great Greens


Holy shit, the rest of this stuff is cool and all. Travelling Circus sounds a bit like Foo Fighters. Rad.

Forest – The Travelling Circus

Forest – John

Forest – Good People

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