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Ugh. Apologies for the lack of communication. We were working hard at, uh, well work well into the late hours of Friday evening, serving mainly as a sort of metaphorical self-flagellation for the ridiculous evening that ensued on Thursday evening. Both our beloved Racing Glaciers and brother-bear Jack Garrett accomplished great deeds at our very first Sofar Sessions, which happened at a guy called Cameron’s house/converted warehouse thingy. Cameron is a brave man for allowing such an event to take place in his gaff. We started smoking indoors. But to be fair, so did Cameron and pretty much everyone else. What happened after is best left off the internet, and is also very much attributable to Will Blake being up for a big one, which we have only experienced a handful of times before. Ask us in person and we’ll probably tell you though. Anyway, despite all this and feeling generally like a piece of low yesterday, we did accomplish several deeds of greatness yesterday. We sorted the next Draper single, and fuck is it going to be massive; we announced our stage for this year’s Great Escape Festival with brother-blogs The Recommender, Crack In The Road and My Band’s Better Than Your Band, and holy shit do we have some spicy names to announce on the line up; we smashed a large Macdonalds in a record-breaking five minutes. Ironically, we did not acheive the somewhat more-routine goal of posting a new Track Of The Day. We hope we are more than making up for that now with this valiant effort from Australian men Jakarta Criers. We say valiant because we detect high levels of ambition in this lot, both in terms of sound and actual aspirations. We find ourselves in a frequent context being put-off newish bands that opt for a stadium-filling kinda vibe from the get-go – “pace yourself, don’t play that shit in a pub” we will more often than not advise in all our supposed music-wizardry – however, if you’re these guys, and you’re making music like this, and you also happen to be playing massive fuck-off festival stages at the same time, then do us a favour and ignore most of what we have to say. Most sensible people do as a matter of course. We’re getting whiffies along the lines of Jimmy Eat World, We Are Scientists (particularly the vocal), Foo Fighters and the whole song structure feels like the most recent types of offerings that Biffy Clyro have been touting as of late. So, yeah. Ambition. We can get behind it.

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