Spicy twists ahoy, music fans. We’ve Racing Glaciers in the KM office today. What’re they doing? We can tell you. Well, we probably could but we’re playing the whole secret-ass card today. We can tell you that they’re here on business, and they’ve brought an awful lot of gear and clothes along with them. As such, our guys are currently sitting in on the ongoing A&R-panel-demo-sesh thing that we do when it comes to these Track Of The Day thingies. We can’t remember if we gave them a choice as to whether or not we would feature new-ish guys Dumb, but, seeing as we’re playing it back-to-back while we type this thingy up, and judging from the amount of banter currently coming from the fabulous twin Killing Moon sofas, current Track Of The Day Dive seems to be going down a right treat. Cool. Let’s talk about the music. Obviously we know sweet FA about this outfit seeing as we only became aware of them about 10 minutes ago. Dive is three-and-a-bit-minutes of righteous guitar splendour. Name-checks currently being uttered in our general direction include (but are by no means limited to) Symposium, Ash, Libertines and Yuck. Whether those are (a) accurate or (b) fair to our protagonists is unclear, but we’re on the clock again kids and we gotta go. Interestingly this bears a sonic resemblance to recent TOTD’ers Storms, and we’ve deduced through a recent (failed) attempt to book Storms for Club Killing Moon that both bands will be sharing the same stage at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 24th April. We’re also going to take a moment to appreciate exactly how similar the dude depicted above on the right looks to Faramir from Lord Of The Rings. Right on.

Dumb – Dive


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