Dunno about you lot, but this Easter lark was a complete and utter write-off for us. Not that we didn’t have a great time or anything, but to be completely honest we’ve used the whole thing as an excuse to do relatively sweet fuck-all. As in not doing much music-related stuff. Which has lasted for a full 24 hours. So really that’s one out of the four possible days that we’ve successfully avoided such encounters. Way to go, us. This has got to be some kinda record. How did we invest in those 24 hours? Like, what exactly did we do with ourselves? Did we even know? Well, there was the telly. We spent a bit of time with our mum and dad (who invariably wanted to know how work was going). We slept an absolute shit-load, which was pretty vital. We responded to various criticisms of our most-recent and arguably most-lacklustre “performance” on Amazing Radio, which we can only attribute to just how ruddy chilled-out we were at the time. Ask Joe Parry, he knows. At said-sesh, we came across our current Track Of The Day’ers Makthaverskan – who indeed we are featuring now in furtherance of our mission to do as many of these Amazing Radio sessions as the people concerned will permit us to and passing off all the good shit as our own discovery afterwards. Got it? Good. These guys are from Sweden. We can’t remember much beyond that because we’ve lost the piece of paper that Amazing Radio gave us with all the relevant information that would be far more in the band’s interests for us to display in this space right now instead of blathering on about ourselves all the bloody time. But other than the Swedish aspect, we’ll just have to wing it like we always do, and talk about sounds and stuff. By way of sounds – Asleep sits nicely amongst the more recent crop of 80’s guitar-band revivalism that, at least in our eyes and much to our joy, has gripped much of the lastest indie boys of (the eventually arriving, we hope) Summer 2013; The Vestals and Paper Boats being two rather solid examples thereof. For more contemporary references, comparisons to The Cure will be inescapable (nothing wrong with that) and we’d like to think the vocal is something along the lines of Cyndi Lauper, or perhaps the lady from Be Your Own Pet attempting to sing as opposed to shreiking. Which is cool. Real cool.

Makthaverskan – Asleep


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