Ajimal_Second Stab

Second Stab: Strangers
“Something New” / Ajimal
“This Human Joy” / Night Engine
“Young & Carefree”

round two 1

We partied pretty, prrrreeettttaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hard last night with our North London peoples. Off we went to a pub/venue in Finsbury Park – imaginitively called The Finsbury, which is cool – and proceeded to slow-dance, head-nod, and otherwise get a little bit emo-in-the-electronic-producery-sense to Dems. Then whatever devil was inside of us came out to play, assisted by various co-attendees, who seemingly wanted to boom it up as much as possible with the assistance of plenty of booze. James Niteflights drank too much and went into silent mode, which is a stage of drunkeness we used to have to deal with when we first discovered booze/starting nicking Father Killing Moon’s excessive supply of Stella Artois when we were, like, 16 or something (generally it means you go silent on account of not being able to think or articulate sentences that other human beings can understand). Adam Niteflights insisted on having a photo taken by our buddy Cam of us sitting on his head (not in that way). Jen Anderson also did some funny shit, but we can’t really remember what it was. It was probably good though.  That’s really all we can re-collect at this point. We’re now back in Ealing. At our parents. Where it is safe and the booze can’t get us. As a result – guess what – we’re writing about music again. Mo’ good shit has come to light from peeps we dig and have featured on here before. Let’s do this.

Strangers_second stab

It’s almost a piss-take that we’re placing this in our made-up Second Stab remit. We mean, come on. It’s Strangers. We’ve obviously got history with these dudes. Wait, what’s this? There’s a DUDETTE in this piccy-pic above. We’re assuming that to be a lady called Eleanor, who main-man Dave tells us has been laying her Crystal Fighters-style vocal (well, she sings in that band usually, so we’re assuming that’s a style. Or more specifically, her style. STYLE. YEAYUH) all over these dudes’ new effort, the aptly-titled Something New. Certainly stepping things up in terms of both ambition and production (we’ve also had it pointed out to us that Strangers have recently been working with Goldfrapp/Placebo producery bloke Dimitri Tikivoi, and lets all take a moment to think about what a fucking cool name he has), this is likely the band’s best work to date and makes us feel we really should be checking them out when they support Let’s Buy Happiness at The Borderline on the 8th April. Plus we’re pretty sure Dave owes us beer, so that’s another reason, surely?

Strangers – Something New

Ajimal_Second Stab

Now, this is awesome. We’ve somehow drifted off the edge of a metaphorical cliff since bigging up the dude from ‘Toon-via-Scotland Ajimal way back in the day. Well, like, a year ago or something. This is spine-tingly stuff; indeed we experience the same sensation when we watch and listen to new effort This Human Joy as we did when we saw this dude live in London some time ago. He did this thing where he handed out a bowl and got it to make noise after handing it to an audience member which formed part of the live set. We didn’t even know you could do that. Make a bowl into an instrument, that is, not give a bowl to a person. We knew you could do that. Anyway, this kicks some serious A, not least of all due to how unusual the construct of the composition is, and was released last Monday. Apparently Mr. Ajimal has also gone around roping in about 50 or so musicians to formulate another upcoming release, so hold onto your butts for that one.

Ajimal – This Human Joy


Night Engine_second stab

Our favourite flambé naranja-fronted emphatic indie-sters Night Engine recently boshed out this new video effort for recently-announced single Young & Carefree about a week or so ago. To be fair, we can’t really see what the ruddy hell is going on within the confines of the sexy Night Engine logo by way of a video – there’s definitely a dude in there singing some stuff, but that’s about all we can see. But that’s okay. The face is full of musical intent, and that’s all the video vibes we need. That’s why we’re into this. The song is most savoury. The voice is most David Bowie. We can most definitely dance and/or chest-bump to this. We dig. This effort is out as a double-A side on 27th May, and we quite wanna hear the other-track Give Me A Chance too now.

Night Engine – Young & Carefree


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