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Here Is Your Temple
“So High”

Here Is Your Temple

We got up at 1.30pm today. Get over it. We’ve put our body through maximum overdrive and our mathematics-defying waking hours for at least a month, so allow us this one last more whinge before we settle right back into that mode for another, oh, year or something. Tell you what though, Finch were bloody amazing last night. Well, not amazing, but they certainly gave us our teenage kicks in form of all the screamy bits and all the whooaaaaaaaah’s that you could possibly imagine condensed into a neat 1-hour-ish set length. There were a few moments – in the encore – where they tried doing the exact same thing which led to their fall from grace in the first place, which broadly involves derrogating from the screamy bits and the whooaaaaaaaaaah’s. Never do that again guys. Ironically, in a mircocosmic sense, we can understand the need to break from the proverbial mould in terms of one’s self-appointed musical heritage; indeed, one of the guys from hard rockin’ dudes Bring Me The Horizon told us recently that he rarely listens to heavy music anymore on the basis of a plethora of reasons largely revolving around the polarisations of stagnation in the genre, followed by far more interesting shit going down elsewhere. While we agree in part and disagree in another, we can certainly appreciate the desire to step outside of a musical genre as often as possible lest we fall foul of the dogmatic rules of scenes that dominated the Myspace days of yore; mainly as, indeed, there is so much good stuff to be had, and we guess we’ve been posting a lot of guitar-rockin’ vibes on here recently. Take new-ish guys Here Is Your Temple, as an example. Words that come to mind when we hit the play button on cruising-through-the-blogosphere tune So High include euphoria; elation; climax. Bloody good thing they called it So High then huh? Other bands that spring to mind include Arcade Fire; M83; Empire Of The Sun; Beach House; MGMT; and perhaps more of a more downbeat Team Me. Digging this. Apparently this has started to get some national radio play on the blend, and long may that continue.

Here Is Your Temple – So High


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