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“Fear Of Nothing”

Carnival Kids

We’re taking a break to post about stuff-what-we-saw-at-that-thingy-last-week to write about something that we actually haven’t seen live and/or in the flesh before. Let us explain why. See those solid-dressing dudes above? Sure you do. Otherwise you’d be bloody blind. We’ve been living with Fear Of Nothing by these dudes Carnival Kids on a private Souncloud link that manager Mike sent us about, like, 6 months ago or something – that’s not a “look at me, I’m so good” style comment, that’s a goddamn fact. The other fact is we’ve been rinsing the plays on the aforementioned link ever since then. The primary reasoning behind this is because this track rules harder than Sauron over the lands of Morrrrrdorrrr. Take all the best bits of heavy-rocking emo-tinged punk rock outfits –  RefusedAt The Drive In, Billy Talent and that sort of thing – and this is pretty much what you’ve got going on here. As a result of this, we’re writing this blog post in the same proverbial manner as a tantric superhero blowing his or her musical load all over the internet (now THERE’S a nice thought for your midweek madness). The other interesting point of note is the constitutional make up of these wonderful specimens of righteousness. We can identify at least two members of Dan Croll‘s touring/live outfit, including but by no means limited to Mr. Jethro Fox; and one of the guys above we’re pretty sure was last seen by yours truly rocking out on the drums with those ghetto superstars Eye Emma Jedi. Does this qualify as an indie superband? Quite possibly. Does this have any relevance to how much we like this lot? Yeah, probably. Does this mean this is an objectively awesome track? Damn fucking straight it is. We’ll just have to carry on the aforementioned rinsing until these guys touch down in London to play their UK debut live show at The 100 Club on 19th April, supporting none other than the mighty Gallows. UH!

Carnival Kids – Fear Of Nothing


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