“Cosmic Gloss”


We continue our what-we-can-remember coverage of bands-what-played-that-thing-we-were-at (without mentioning the name of that thing, because we’re getting the impression that we speak about that and very little else over the course of the last two weeks or so and certain people find that boring as balls) by turning our attention to indiginous Austin peoples Zorch. We wouldn’t be able to tell you whether or not we actually made it down to see Zorch in the real-life context or not. We do know they played the same night that we saw A$AP Ferg with our buddy Mischa. We do remember someone else telling us about them. We definitely wrote the name down on our iPhone, which while may seem umkempt in terms of our gig-seeing/covering schedule, at least means we’re not telling porky-pies lest we fall foul of this possibly-soon-to-be-inacted Leveson legislation and get done by the long dick of libel lawsuits. Which may sound over the top, and it’s not like we’ve gone around saying nasty things about probably-nasty people (at least not written down – get used to it kids, slander is a lot less costly and harder to prove than libel), but you can’t be too careful in this day and age of suing anyone for anything, right? Anyway, we digress. Let’s talk about nicer things. Zorch, for example. If music indeed be the food of love, then these guys would be the sampler plate that we heartily chowed down on at the world-famous Iron Works BBQ restaurant we ended up at on our penultimate day in Austin; which was bloody delicious, by the way. It also left us in a state of hazey consciousness, which is also true of our trippy-ass heroes here – in fact, so much that we are genuinely having a problem racking our still-sort-of-fucked brain for any discernable references of note. At least in the aesthetic sense, or perhaps musical (bearing in mind our rant about journalistic integrity and general freedom of the press – or just the must blogs, rather, we don’t actually care that much what happens to tabloids because they’ve been taking the piss for a while anyway – we will say right now we are not asserting this as fact, and raise the defence of opinion m’lud), we get vibes of Peter Bjorn & John, Groove ArmadaMars Volta and a bit of Passion Pit. Then again, have a listen and make yer own damn minds up. Yes it is nearly 10 minutes long. We’re into that.

Zorch – Cosmic Gloss


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