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Crash & The Coots
“Brian Fury Wins!”

Crash & The Coots

It’s official. We’re completely fucking obsessed with the 0ther-day’s Track Of The Dayers Greys. If you don’t see the sense, the power and indeed the glory of a band like that, then quite frankly you can just leave. Go on, get. We don’t wanna know ya. Actually, we’re kidding. Subjectivity, democracy, and all that crap is clearly a part of the bigger musical spectrum. We should point out that, however, this isn’t really helping us given that we are at the point of exhaustion owing to the excessive air-drumming and/or guitaring-whilst-putting-our-right-foot-on-the-office-couch-pretending-its-a-monitor-and-we’re-playing-on-the-main-stage-of-a-festival in aid of rocking out, coupled with a rapid return to a semblence of normality unless someone actually sees us performing this act of outright depravity. So, taking things down a notch or two in degrees of heaviness, we find ourselves playing catch-up yet again with the at-large blogging community by focusing our attentions to South-West England’s Crash & The Coots. We have given a rather sizable geographical context for this bunch because we have heard the words ‘Bristol’ and ‘Wiltshire’ bounded about in reference to the musical ensemble’s habitual dwellings, but we’re pretty sure they’re two whole different places so we’re giving ourselves a break on that vibe. We’re sure these guys won’t be offended, judging on the clip we’ve just seen for Brian Fury Wins! How much fun does that look? In our mind, probs as much fun as Darwin Deez having a ball with The Go! Team at an Antibang gig which forces Eels and Beck to drop this whole stoic persona and just lose all their shit; which hopefully provides an insight into just how much coffee we’ve consumed over the last two weeks and what sort of impact that is having on our ability to articulate some sort of musical description by way of explaining why we like this sort of stuff. YEAYUH. Also, we’re guessing their very name suggests an affinity of the Ninendo 64 classic title of yore. We never got round to completing that fucker. But, let’s face it, it was no Zelda was it?

Crash & The Coots – Brian Fury Wins!


Mo’? Sho’.

Crash & The Coots – Bottle Rhythm

Crash & The Coots – Don’t Kill Bugs

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