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Dark Bells

Happy love day. Remember love? We sure as shit do. We have a lot of love. We love the bands that we’ve released, past-present-future stylee. We love the people that we work with, most of the time. We love our mates. We love our mum and dad and brothers. We love chicken, obviously, and Star Trek. Turns out that we’re developing a love for bowling since discovering an actual bowling ball with our actual name on it (people who know what our actual name is may well do a LOL right there, because it sounds a lot like the word “actual”) whilst rooting through similar ancient family heirlooms for a laugh over the weekend, which is all well and good seeing as we’re about to make the big-ass move to Finsbo Park, and as per various meat-fulled and Brooklyn-largered discussions last night at the mofucking Duologue album show, we are going to form a bowling team and go all Big Labowski on your asses. Word. What else? We also love the fact that we’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day with five Welsh men, who happen to be collectively called The Vestals, who happen to be playing a sold-out show with buddies Pure Love (there’s that word again) tonight at XOYO. We also quite love this guitary-melodic treat from Sydney people Dark Bells. Our buddy Pete told us about them last night in all his witch-hat glory, and was observed to be quoting “they’re really good” in his summation of, well, how good they are. We can confirm that they are indeed good, as the man said. Influence-wise we’re gauging this as something that straddles those lines that might as well exist between the camps of Editors, The OrganTemples and previous TOTD’ers Snakadaktal – add in that there is a full-on spaced-out hippy breakdown in the middle section of this track, and we’re left without any choice but to love the utter shit out of this.

Dark Bells – Want

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