Second Stab: MMX

round two 1

Good lord. Our world is actually ending. We’re dying. DYING. Actually, literally dying might not be such a bad option for us right now, given the sheer amount of self-induced boozery pain we’ve managed to yet again inflict upon ourselves. Two nights on the trot, kids. Two nights on the mofucking bounce. We can’t actually remember the Friday quite so well, understandably. Only vivid visions remain from last night; visions of pouring beer on our university chums’ heads and crotches (and vice-verse. We gave as good as we got), attempted shoe theft, pretending to know the words to a lot more 50’s and 60’s songs then we really do, getting emo at Crobar, and some other shit that we probably shouldn’t mention on here specifically due to our wishing to avoid incriminating ourselves (probably should have left attempted shoe theft out really). So yes. We are once more in a shame spiral. Having to dick about with our MOT for two hours in what is likely to go down in history as the most poignant pathetic fallacy in terms of marrying up the weather with our mindset did not help, but it is probably what we deserved. Ugh.


And so, we are grateful that MMX make music that makes us feel better. The Oxford guys self-released a newish EP called Child a little while ago, from which our current Second Stabby Stay is lifted, and in itself is a sublime mix of electronic and indie-guitar stylings that quite frankly freezes the souls of the listener owing to just how well it works. We’ve recently learned that these guys in fact used to be pop-punky-indie-emo types Francesqa. Which is nice. Even more alluring in terms of things that we’re learning about MMX is that they’ve got their first ever live show coming up in London this week. That bugger sold out plenty-quick, we can tell thee.


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