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Little Bear
“The Few and Far Between”

Little Bear

Little Bear may well come under scrutiny by the self-appointed elite for making yet more use of an animalistic nomenclature that is already associated to the point of total saturation  with dudes what play acoustic guitars, what wear chequered shirts, and also what have beards – then again, we so often forget (not just the royal we) that very few people outside of the wider world of music punditry give an actual fuck about such matters. Cool. Anyway, even if they did come under such unconstructive criticism – just look at that picture above. Go on, really look at it. They’re doing it, aren’t they? They’re living your bloody gig dream. That’s what you want, really. You want all the ladies in the house lined up in a row gawping at your mad acoustic guitar/chequered shirt/beardy skills. If you’re a guy in a band, and you don’t want that, you are lying. Stop lying. Anyway, more to the point, what’s probably winning over said-ladies in the house is just how unashamedly strong the songwriting craft of Little Bear is, as evidenced by current Track Of The Day The Few and Far Between. Some facts: our mate Darren “Duff-Man” Duffy told us about them. They’re his mates. They are from Derry, which is in Ireland. Duff-Man is also a bit Irish, if memory serves. Some guesses: We reckon this sounds a bit like Dry The River and Stornoway getting real familiar with Death Cab For Cutie and Wild Beasts, whereby they spend enough time together that their emo-cycles/man-periods become perfectly synchronised. Or something. On a more serious note, we’ve not been able to stop listening to this since it was sent our way. Pretty good.

Little Bear – The Few and Far Between


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