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Hell. What a week. You’ll have to forgive us for not actually being able to recollect some/most of it, which we’re sure you won’t find too difficult at all. This is all part and parcel of not really being able to differenciate aspects of our once-personal lives from what we now do for a living. The easiest way to describe this to most people is that we just work all the time. However, it does not feel like work if it’s something that you used to do just to get your kicks – instead, the way we see it, all that’s happening is that our kicks are just legitimised now. That being said, we’ve had it under advice from a few trusted sources of late that we really should try to draw the line somewhere. Like, we need a hobby. Problem is, our hobbies, as you might have guessed, pretty much involve music or music-related activities. And chicken. What else did we used to do before all this shit got real? There’s always Star Trek. Star Trek is cool, no matter what you fucking doubters say. Indeed, this is one of the many reasons we dig Glaswegian producery-artist type Giant Fang‘s new tune Aqualung; because the first ten seconds sound like the intro music to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Of course, that is not the only reason. Aside from receiving props from the Beeb’s (not Beiber, idiots, the BBC) various introducing-radio remits and a fistful o’ blogs, these guys have been repeatedly recommended to us by more than a few people whose musical stance on certain things we actually respect (yeah, we’re like that now, get over it). Props et al aside, this is a quality slice of a genre that is now readily known as indie-pop – see, it’s not just us who makes these things up now – and at least in our minds may well be poised to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Bastille, Owl City and those-guys-that-we’ve-recently-started-metaphorically-bumming-pretty-hard Ecstacy. They do not sound much like Aqualung at all. Get involved, or look like a dick forever.

Giant Fang – Aqualung


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