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Great Heat
“Laid Bare”

Great Heat

Fuckety fuck fuck. How can shit have gotten so very, very real in such a short space of time? We mean, what the fuck is going on? Do you have any idea what we’re banging on about? Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Basically, and hopefully someone noticed that we were rather quiet on the blogging front other than, well, us, we have been subdued for the last 24 hours having our head blown off and re-attaching it again following receipt of the news that a certain Rita Ora had personally asked for a certain fuckingbadassproducerfuckyeah Draper to come DJ for a bit on her humongous UK tour. Which is happening next week. Red alert, shields up, man your battle stations and all that. Somehow, we’ll all get through this. We just need to maintain our composure. Let’s start doing that by listening to this tasty new effort from London garage rock dudes Great Heat, for whom we currently have about 5 minutes precisely to complete this write up on, so let’s REALLY push for the burn and see if we can do it in 3, yeah? Jeah. Cool. We know bugger-all about these guys (nice PR work there, Chris Fraser), other than they’re from London, there appear to be four of them (strong look chaps, strong look), and they play a pretty solid mixture of bluesy rock mixed in with some psyche elements that leave us thinking unnatural thoughts about Miles Kane, Black Keys and The Family Rain. Whoo! We did it! Get familiar with this crunchy vibe by clapping your lobes onto Laid Bare below.

Great Heat – Laid Bare

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