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Love For Zero
“Call Me Up”

Love For Zero

Blue fuckin’ Monday indeed. Even before we became aware of that particular spicy twist – thanks Twitter – we felt a bit winded from the moment we woke up (albeit we slept like an absolute dude, and had a fucked-up dream where we had to fight various members of the Traveller community because they were being deep to horses. Shit is intense). The contrast between how jubilant we should feel right about now, given that the output of the label is greater now than, well, its ever been, compared to the sensation of downright deflation we have undeniably experienced in th last 20-ish hours, is quite remarkable. But, as some guy in a band once said, [we] get by with a little help from our friends. For example, we were well-fed today in the Killing Moon office by none other than Sam Faulkner and Laurel Blozza. Sam stepped up to the a plate and dished out food fit for a king, albeit a four year old one. Laurel then followed suit by dishing out a lamb thingy that she had spent heating in a heating-thingy for most of the day, and so we sampled culinary delights that we imagine queens get their kicks from. However, the emo vibe trumps all – and on that note, here’s Love For Zero. They are from Manchester. David from Strangers linked us up with them, which is nice; indeed, there are parallels to be drawn between Dave’s own outfit and our current Track Of The Dayers. By way of context, from what we can now tell, this is something that clearly ourselves and the Team Bloggeroo should have clocked onto a while ago (yeah, we hype machined it up. Get. A. Fucking. Judge) given that, if we were to take certain photos for face value, they seem to be stirring up some serious shit up in Manc. Word. The dark twisted fantasy we’ve got conjured up here (see above, we dream about defending horses) upon playback is that of one of those fellas from Crowded House fronting Hurts and/or Tears For Fears. For more modern on-the-up comparisons, we shall chuck in the good names of MMX and Sons & Lovers into the mix.

Love For Zero – Call Me Up

Unbelievably, we’re still hungry.

Love For Zero – Fear In Your Eyes

Love For Zero – Let It Go

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