Mammals ft. Flash Forest
“Move Slower”


Yesterday can be succinctly summed up by saying that we attempted to do pretty much everything and succeeded at very few of them. Distractions headed up by a bobble-hat wearing wise-person plus a head filled with fogginess are completely to blame for all of this, but we’ll also qualify our uncharacteristic dip in productivity in attribution to generally being a bit knackered. Playing the role of booking agent for The Vestals is a bit much. We mean, we understand now why you old boy booking agents are so direct now. You don’t have time for flowery, well-written and cheekily-articulate emails. You want one-word answers, usually a yes and/or a no. We feel like we get you now. So, yeah, that bi-weekly spin that we so often find ourselves stumbling through has pretty much been and gone in the last 24 hours, so thank your lucky stars we didn’t blog about it yesterday, and only doing so now because we have calm headspace to do so. This has been greatly aided by the charming, chilled-to-perfection song constructs eminating from Australian producer-type Mammals, who right now we’re just going to go ahead and assume is younger than life itself because that’s just what happens these days – musicians, especially the best ones as far as we’re concerned, are just getting younger, and all we get is frigging grey hairs in our beardy. The bastards. The talented, young, highly-skilled bastards. Anyway, this is like whale music for trendy types, and we seriously mean that in a good way. Be as it may that we are usually terrible at describing music in any event generally, especially those which step outside the standard indie-guitar-rock remit that we’re complete suckers for, we are getting flavours of Caribou, Beach House, Mt. Wolf, the-one’s-that-got-away Worship, and more poignantly Draper‘s recent take on the works of Bring Me The Horizon that got leaked about a month or so back (wasn’t us, FYI). This certainly takes us away to a better place.

Mammals ft. Flash Forest – Move Slower

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