“No Hibernation”


We’re about as calm as a Hindu cow right now. Not only did we have a fantastically-zen episode of sleep last night/this morning (because everybody knows that kinda-awake-but-still-sort-of-snoozing type sleep in the mornings is THE BEST KIND of sleep, hands down), but we got to spend some quality time with our boys in le Niteflights, in furtherance of our new quest to get up and do shit during the day rather than living like we’re on Tokyo time. A hand-constructed hot tub was involved. We must’ve sat in that bad boy for, like, a couple of hours at least given how wrinkly we were when we re-emerged into the cold night wind. Have to say, we reckon people generally bond a lot quicker when they’re pretty much naked and up to their tee-tays in heavily-chlorined warmish water; like we’re all in this together in all our bare-fleshed awkward glory. So, yeah, this whole being-active thing is working out pretty well for us, in spite of the fact that the weather has finally decided that it is indeed winter and now’s the time to be staying in loads. So, a perfect Track Of The Day is presented to reflect both this and our spaced-out mentality arrives in form of Voyager and their pretty tune No Hibernation. They are from Birmingham in Alabama. The guitar actually feels like a dream, coupled with a voice that might well rival John Kennedy of XFM fame’s own for the title of “most likely to put the listener to a sleepy trace (in the best possible way)”. Progressive chill indie, we might well call this, were we instructed to invent a genre for this (which we usually do regardless of whether we are asked or not). This smooth sailor forms part of an EP/mini album called Midnight Fang which is available now via their Bandcamp; having taken a listen just now, it is laden with the same profound twists of Beruit, The National, The XX and a little bit of our buddies The Divers that are present in the below. We shall sleep well tonight.

Voyager – No Hibernation

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