“White Limos”


It appears the holidays are well and truly over. By that, we mean the heat is really turning up in terms of getting on top of everything even before work has officially started for us. We had a meeting with our new business affairs guy yesterday. Doesn’t that just say it all? Not only are we still startled at the idea that this thing is now, indeed, an actual business, it blows our little minds to think that the affairs of said business are of such gravity that it requires an actual guy to keep (a) our shit and (b) us generally in check. Hand on heart, we are grateful for it. Seriously, we need all the help we can get and we’re not so proud as to not ask for it when it is available. A more tangible embodiment of what we’re rambling on about in regards to the inevitable death of the festive spirit is that BBC iPlayer is starting to clear out some of the festive-film good shit that they’ve periodically been storing away for consumer use on one or several of the many-pointless-days-that-existed-between-boxing-day-and-new-years-eve. Even they know the game is up. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a watchy-watch of Flight Of The Navigator, which we clearly remember being into as a child, but we certainly don’t remember the bulk of the screenplay. Speaking of which, if ever there was a hunt to find a band to re-write the amazing score to the Disney classic, we would like to submit the candidacy of London-based electro-crimefighters Ecstasy right now. While our hand is on our heart still, we’ll just go ahead and swear this is one of the most impressive sounds to eminate from the genre since….we don’t even know. It’s that good. White Limos commences in a way that places the listener in a similar situation were they taking off in their own shiny space ship to jet around the world, evading NASA and whatever government agencies might be on the look-out along the way, with the simple mission of breaking away from all the bollocks and just getting lost for a bit. This is another artist with their own degree of uniqueness sprogged in between solid elements consisting of the likes of The Naked And Famous, Wu Lyf, Dom, Passion Pit, Canadian mega-underdogs Bikini, and we’ve also got jotted down on notepad that “this is a bit like a more orchestral Swiss Lips“. Quite frankly, we need another excuse to put together another best-of band list, if only to whack this lot straight in there.

Ecstasy – White Limos

Of course there’s bloody more.

Ecstasy – The Funeral (Band Of Horses cover)

Ecstasy – Shinjuku Bride

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