“Soft Water”/”Small Talk”


What’s up sports fans? Did you watch the sports last night? There were options to be had, we tell thee. On the one hand, you had our sort-of-team Chelsea (but apparently we’re not allowed to like them as much as all that according to the purveyors of the football gospel. See, they know all the names of all the players, FA officials, managers, assistant coaches and sporty physicians. We only attained this level of football enlightenment when we were aged circa 14-15, when Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli were the only two people you really needed to know during the glory days of the player-manager. We will re-attain this degree of superior footbal knowledge when the age of the player-manager returns) getting whooped by ugly dudes QPR. On the other, you had the smarter and infinitely more-entertaining option of a series of epic wildlife battles on David “The Voice Of Sex” Attenborough’s rendition of Africa. There were some nice warm ups – lion vs wart hog, rhino vs lion, bird vs cricket, cricket vs desert, catfish vs the world – but the clincher was giraffe vs giraffe, consisting of two long-necked mentals battering the utter shite out of each other’s tall asses. It was mental. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with new Track Of The Dayers Tallows, unless of course we decide to play the “tall” connection, which having just thought about it isn’t really a connection at all. Let’s move on. These guys are from Oklahoma. They purposefully set themselves up to come out with a bang in 2013, and from what we understand that timing-based manuever tends to work a treat when you develop it into the lethal combination consisting of that and thudding good music. We’ve written down no less than 13 different names for a basis of musical comparison here, but we won’t put them all down because that’s just stupid; nevertheless, this confirms at least in our minds that there is a lot going on here, yet simultaneously the guys (if indeed that is what they are) have rendered their underlying elements – we are thinking along the lines of I Was A Cub Scout vs Two Door Cinema Club vs Manchester Orchestra vs Foals vs Arcade Fire (and what a battle royale that would be) – into something rather more unique than merely the sum of its seemingly-many parts. We wanna stay close to this lot.

Tallows – Small Talk

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