“Halogen Moon”


Yeah, we’re back. Did you miss us? We missed you to the point that we just had to get back involved. No really, we’re not supposed to be doing this. We’ve started imposing work music vibes upon our person pretty much a whole week early. The truth be told, the proverbial mixture of the metaphorical bag that was the festive season was pretty (and at times, remarkably) varied, that at this current point we’re undecided as to answer when faced with the inevitable question “did you have a good one?”. We shall start with the negatives. There were more than a few. Thankfully the majority were ultimately placed in the not-really-that-important-in-the-large-scheme-of-things-and-we’re-left-wondering-why-we-cared-in-the-first-place category, mainly as death pretty much trumps everything. The positives – on the other hand – we are prepared to talk about in much less cryptic terms (it is on our first-ever new year resolution list to stop moaning quite so much, comprised of 20-odd practical guideline which, for the moment/first real 24 hours of 2013, we are actually sticking to – which if you know us is actually an acheivement in itself. It is also on our list to deal directly and promptly with those who we feel wronged by, rather than popping such vague information on here in the hopes that they’ll notice and feel way worse about said wrong-doing; a balancing act is sure to ensue in months to come. We’ll probably end up just ignoring our problems entirely in the end, as we really don’t have time for that utter shash, and is obviously the done thing these days) and included spending some quality time with people we are genuinely glad to call friends, as well as introducing some new ones that, probably owing to how truly self-absorbed we can be, we guttingly didn’t realise were there the whole time. Such thought-provoking stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree, deserves an adequetely thought-provoking tunage, and given it’s still technically winter and all, we feel that Melbourne’s own Wintercoats truly deserves the accolade of being the first ever Track Of The Day on this-man’s Killing Moon in the year of 2013, which as we all know is the dawning of the age of fuck-yeah. We say deserves instead of deserve as Wintercoats is in fact a man called James Wallace. This is evidenced by both pictures and, well, we read it somewhere, most likely his facebook page. This guy’s tune Halogen Moon, on one hand, sounds like the sonic incarnation of one’s heart melting when they fall in love for the first time, and on the other that same one breaking when all the bad shit get so very, very real. We’d make a solid bet that those who we deem contemporaries to this brightly-burning chappy, namely Malpas, Health, Sigur Ros and Death Cab For Cutie, would get on as well as a sausagey-pig and a bacony-blanket. Beautiful.

Wintercoats – Halogen Moon


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