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“Grey Arcade”

Fawn Spots

Half-asleep yo. Not even due to excessive party-hardiness this time. In fact, we’ve successfully managed to not go to any festivities and/or free booze spots thus far this week. “Are you dying?”, we think we hear you ask. No, says we. Just trying to be a bit sensible. Reign it all back in. Also we spent much of yesterday evening sitting at our desk quite literally counting beans and pennies in preparation for the big money-matters meeting we have coming up this late afternoon/early evening/it’s dark anyway so who really gives a fudge – something, you’ll agree, that most people who run a label do as a matter of course, but we can’t actually remember the last time we considered that you could actually make a real-life income off the back of selling slabs of plastic and cardboard to the world. Waking us right up are York noiseniks Fawn Spots, with their not-super-recent effort Grey Arcade; indeed, when we flip the proverbial switch on with this bad-boy, you can pretty much measure our pulse to the same rate as the frantically-sped-up 4/4 drum rhythm that permeates throughout the track. These guys are a bit punky. They’re a bit noisey. They’re a bit lo-fi. We now feel like Lilly Allen when she’s talking to the gormless record shop owner (or possibly hapless sales assistant, if they’re doing at all well in this day and age) in the video for LDN where she lists pretty much every made-up genre that ever existed and sounds like a fucking prick in the process despite the fact that she’s clearly taking the piss. So, sorry about that. Let’s just do the referencing bit so you can listen to this shit and get on with it; we’ve got a mix of The Buzzcocks, The Thermals, Japandroids and a band that once was called Untitled Musical Project. Release-wise, these dudes have kinda got it going on; an appearance on a Christmas compilation being put out by Newcastle dudes Tiny Lights, as well as a confirmed thingy coming out on scuzzy guitar label Burger Records and a small run of US dates on the way, clearly spells good-times-ahoy. Which is nice.

Fawn Spots – Grey Arcade

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