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“Have you got a headache?” is the poignant question our fave-ever talk music duo Listener put to their, well, listeners in the even-more-poignant track Ozark EmpireWell, the short answer to that two years after the fact is – yes. Yes, right now we have a big fucking headache. Set aside the increasing relevance of the lyrical content in the aforementioned, it has just dawned on us that today we’ve only eaten a handful of, um, items, predominantly associated with bread or bread-based products (thank you for lunch James, we should have taken full advantage of it and believe us we will do next time). We’ve had maybe a glass of water and/or a raw-juice. Accumulate these digestive factors, multiply by tiredness to the power of wintery-ness, and the result is, obviously, a headache. Fear not; we’ve got Hollow Giants to help see us through our latest moan-about-nothing-in-particular, who positively demolished the fortress that is our inbox at some point yesterday with this empowering spicy twist called Dreams/Fears. Now, we’re aware of the borderline-abhorrent conottations, usually present within in plinky-plinky-whiney-whiney indie world, that may be drawn by virtue of the comparisons that we’re about to make to these guys, but the honest-to-whatever truth is that this is the first unsolicited track we’ve received in a while that has really got our attention. We do dig it. In fact, that was pretty much the response we sent to these guys: “we dig”. So with that in mind, and obviously alluding to exactly how pin-point accurate our mad A&R skills are, we reckon we can hear Rod Stewart doing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For-style U2, and an oh-so-slight bit of Ray Lamontagne in the voice – couple this with sentiments of a hella-lotta drums, and a hella-lotta air punchiness, and you might be able to tell why we’re positively hooked, lined and sinkered on this.

Hollow Giants – Dreams/Fears


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