“Dance Bear”


Feels a bit sluggish today kids. We do, we mean. We feel a bit sluggish. We can’t imagine anything else we start feeling up will actually feel like a slug. Unless it were an actual slug. We’ve never actually touched up a slug, come to think of it. Anyway, Christmas Party season has landed and having only been through one effort, we’re already a bit buggered at the prospect of several similar and consecutive goings-on over the next week or so. Wish us luck. We are fucking going to need it. As consequence we have about five minutes or so to type up today’s fabulous Track Of The Day, which just so happens to be a new-ish signing to the equally-fabulous Young & Lost label on 4th February by the name of Snakadaktal – which in itself right now is our favourite cuss-word substitute for a plethora of scenarios where such language would be deemed appropriate. Guess where this lot are from. Go on, guess. We’ll give you a hint or two – it’s Australia, whose musical exports we seem to be positively galvanised in this day and age given that we have almost exclusively featured Australian artists in the last week or so. And with good reason, mind – Dance Bear very much is a delight to hear and live with – think The Cure mingling their water with that of The XX who end up subsequently mingling theirs with a far-more downbeat Mausi (which is ironic, given our heroes today are from a super-sunny place, and Mausi are, like, from The North). Addtionally, if we didn’t know any better (which most of the time we seriously don’t), we could swear we’re hearing Lucy Rose‘s twee-ish vocal littered atop all of this bad-boy. We dig.

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

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