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“I’ll Meet You On Planet Z”

Lurch & Chief

What an absolutely brilliant weekend. We’ve done so much shit. Yesterday, as the more avid readers of this-here bloggington may well be aware, we rose at the ungodly hour of about half 6-ish to get our shit in order for the Independent Label Market. We sold some stuff. We drank booze out of a mug. We strapped Dan Croll into a Santa suit, which he obviously loved despite repeatedly protesting against doing so. We played music in public thus violating s. 16 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (jeah), the house rules of Spitalfields Market itself (One Little Indian went one step further and had some guys playing live music at their stall, like total bloody dudes), but it was totally worth it as it was all done in the name of the ostensible vibe. But what really made our day was when a certain Mr. Raymonde mosied on over to our stall some time around lunch, telling us that he liked our label and/or releases and proceeded to purchase a Draper EP (we had in fact offered to give it to him for gratis, and instantly regretted doing so having momentarily forgetting that selling the stuff was pretty much the entire point of the event itself). Being as knackering as standing outside in the freezing fucking whether was, we managed to conk out at around half 11, which we don’t think has happened since…we were 11-and-a-half. It was the best night’s sleep you could possibly imagine, and we’re hoping for a second dose of that particular action this fine evening having galavanted around the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for a good chunk of the afternoon and nearly dropping one on a ride that can only be described as a centrifuge (we don’t react to big-boy theme park rides so good. Our people prefer to remain seated and on the ground at all times). So, for no particular reason whatsoever, other than soundtracking our newly-discovered lust for life, here’s Lurch & Chief with current Track Of The Day I’ll Meet You On Planet Z. They are from Melbourne, which is in a place called Australia. We have written about bands from Australia on more than a few occassions, thus re-inforcing our ideology that the country is reponsible for an awful lot of good shit in the last year and beyond (gotta start thinking about that end of year list, kids). Having an indie-rock sentiment at the core of what they do, these guys are self-professed fans of 60’s garage-surf, 90’s grunge, and psychadelic jams. Cool. They’ve also been seen trotting about with personal faves Nada Surf, which is also cool. Smashing the play button like a bastard on this effort right here, we’re getting vibes of White Stripes, Black Keys and Band Of Skulls via the preachy-gospelness of The Blood Arm, and on the bluesey-rock side of things, we’re gonna go ahead and say this is a bit like John J Presley but with some quirk injected to counteract the doom. Nice.

Lurch & Chief – I’ll Meet You On Planet Z

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