We have 20 minutes to write this blog post. Got a train to catch. Got a guy coming in to talk about bands and stuff. All that jazz. There are also no less than 30 emails that need an urgent reply. Gogogogogogogo. We won’t really have time to get into how incredibly pear-shaped last night went in terms of our personal logistics and barely being able to make one let alone all four of our prior engagements last night – suffice to say, we just stayed at the Bull & Gate in the end for our own clubnight, as it should be, where we caught some quality live action from Wolf PartyBlank Maps (we will reply to that email eventually guys, bear with) and the lovely Abigail Wyles. So really, it was a resounding success. We were where we needed and wanted to be. Anyway, here’s the rather-brilliant Woahnows and their incredibly appropriately-titled Track Of The Day called Go. They are a band. They are from Plymouth. They play some pretty kick-ass, jagged, spikey, powerful guitar music that really doesn’t help us in terms of calming the sense of urgency in our brainheads right now, but perhaps that’s exactly what we deserve given that we had a cheeky lie in this morning knowing full well all the shit we need to get done today. References? Sure. We got written down here Johnny Foreigner vs. Winterkids vs. Dartz vs. Biffy Clyro. What a Battle Royale that would be, huh? Enjoy. Ps. we’ve totally just written all that crap in UNDER 10 minutes. JEAH.

Woahnows – Go


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