Some buddies of ours regularly utilise the ingeniously-developed phrase “get a judge” as a means of indicating how little they care for the opinions of others in reaction to any given activity they may choose to undertake. For example, one day they may choose to wear a deep-cleansing facial mask; you may well wish to get a judge in that instance.  Intiguingly we are currently experiencing a growing sense of judgements by those who are self-appointed to do so on how we conduct our daily affairs. “Why don’t you write about/sign/manage that band/this band/us?” is one dished out to us on the reg, as if we are the fucking messiah of sound, followed by a somewhat snidey remark about how we’re only engaged in a particular write-up, release, live show, whatever due to some external factor alluding to a figure of potential political or professional importance pulling our proverbial strings (try saying that last bit ten times real quick). This has only intensified over the last couple of months when our made-up game stepped up a notch or five, save for certain people who may understand the motions we’re going through right now. So let us just get one thing straight and we shall never speak of it again – we set this bitch up. We will do whatever the fuck we want with Killing Moon. If that ever stops, we’ll probably shut down the whole thing, as that will be the point that it loses any and all meaning. You can count on it. On that note, here’s a bloke from New York City called Gambles with a tune called Trust, which is absolutely perfect for the fragile physical and mental state we’re in right now (yes, we are hungover again – it was fuckin’ Hell Is For Heroes and Hundred Reasons last night dudes. C’mon). This is because it is 2 and a bit minutes of lyrical content rendered and arranged in such a way to crush your heart and confidence. Pretty good. By way of references, we shall cite Father John Misty, doom-folky era Bob Dylan, and People Help The People style Cherry Ghost. It would be incredible to live in this guy’s head for a few days just to learn how he deals with shit. Make sure you check out his tumblr page as well. It’s really something.

Gambles – Trust

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