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Interview: Jade Hopcroft

The past two years may well go down in the history books of irrelevant-trivia-in-the-large-scheme-of-things-but-still-pretty-interesting (it’s a working title in progress for now, so don’t nick our bloody ideas) as the bit where singer-songwriters of the lady variety basically rose up and destroyed all the competition. Let’s look at the roll of honour so far by way of context; there’s Lucy Rose, Kyla La Grange, Daughter, Gabrielle Aplin, new gal Lauren Aquilina….and probably a million others that we simply cannot be buggered to research and regurgitate here. You get the gist – if you haven’t, then essentially this lot have come up via a starting point that largely consists of an acoustic guitar, enchanting vocals of varying extremities (i.e. ranging from the twee to ethereal; we’ve yet to come across anything that touches on the brutal all Brody Dalle style), and a whole lotta hearts on sleeves. Cool. Jade Hopcroft could well be the next lady to step up to the plate. A recent graduate of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, our chum Jade has been peddling her brand of emotive singer-songwritery to the masses, lately snapping up shows alongside the likes of Ed Harcourt, Lisa Marie Presley, that sex-monkey Matt Corby, and she’s also recently been snapped up by the Daytrotter guys for one of their famous sessions. Right on. Now gearing up for her new single Saint via our-other-buddies Laissez Faire Club (we do seem to have a lot of mates, huh?) as well as a sort-of single launch at Ronnie Scott’s on Tuesday 20th November, it’s only right that we had a word or several, innit?

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?
I’m Jade Hopcroft. I’d say I’m a folk/pop writer, but according to recent speculation I am the next Stevie Nicks, a non-airy-fairy Florence with a hint of Laura Marling, and have beasts roaming around in my songs. All of which I’ll happily take on board.
KM: Oh man, that’s not what WE said above at all. Also, calling Florence (or hinting thereto) an “airy-fairy” will likely get you in trouble. We’ve heard she’s brutal. We’ve heard she’s killed people simply for saying hello. You’re entering a world, nay, a GALAXY of pain dude. She’ll set her machine on you, then you’ll be real sorry. Seriously, pick a fight with Stevie Nicks, you’ve at least the advantage of youth going for you there.
Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?
It’s so difficult. There have been too many good releases this year I can’t choose one. I’ve changed your question to ‘releases’ and done my top 5.
Ellie GouldingHalcyon
I’ve been a huge Ellie Goulding fan for the past 4 years, and I’ve been sitting and waiting for this album for the last year and it didn’t disappoint. She’s one artist I’d love to be like if I started my career again.
Dry The RiverShallow Bed
I first fell in love with these guys at The Great Escape two years ago. Such a great live band and there’s not a single song I don’t love on this album. Plus the artwork is great.
To Kill A King –  Word Of Mouth EP
Another band I never get sick of seeing live. If you go to any live show in the next year, go to a To Kill A King show. Guaranteed happiness. This EP is just an absolute gem of great songs.
Kyla La GrangeAshes
I’ve been a fan of Kyla for a while and just think she has great, great songs. Love her lyrics and the production of this album is right up my street.
Alt-JAn Awesome Wave 
My very good friend Amy introduced me to Alt-J earlier in the year, and every time we got in her car we’d put this album on. For me, they are in a writing league of their own and the production of the album boggles my mind every time I hear it. Such a fun record.
I’ve had them all on repeat over this year. All of those records bring me a lot of joy.
KM: What the actual fuck? Seriously, where do you get off on marauding into other people’s turf and shitting all over their house rules? Is that what you do generally? Like, if someone offers you a drink (A drink, as in ONE) do you go “actually, I’ll have fucking five, because that’s how I roll, I couldn’t possibly choose just one”? JESUS. Anyway, you can have Alt-J because that matador video is rad.
Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?
I played a show with Rachel Sermanni a month or so back in Brighton and getting to see her live was such a pleasure. She is incredible – I was speechless for her whole set and she’s just a genuine and lovely human being.
KM: Whoa – you sure about that, treacle? Just the one this time – no festival line ups you wanna recite back to us? Actually, we’ll stop being so mean and just say that we really appreciate the restraint you’re starting to apply to this process. We know it’s tricky. No really, we’ve made a career out of chatting copious amounts of utter shash. It’s never too early to quit, or else you’ll end up like us.
If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?
I’ve never actually mooned anyone/anything before, so it would have to be something spectacular wouldn’t it? Maybe the moon? Moon the moon, a new project.
KM: Yeah, we’ve had that a bunch of times. You can have this instead. Have a moon-pig. Dot com.
You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?
Ah wow. Well I’m tempted to pick a piece of music called Longplayer which is 1000 minutes long, just to make the most of my inevitable demise. Other than that I’d probably pick Everybody’s Free by Baz Lurhman or Funeral by To Kill A King – despite the ironic title, it makes me incredibly happy.
KM: Baz. No doubt. Haven’t heard that slice in ages.
Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?
I grew up with Pink Floyd, so it has to be Dark Side Of The Moon for me.
Saint is out on Monday 19th November via Laissez Faire Club. So go buy it.
Thanks to Jeremy Lloyd @ Laissez Faire Club

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