Interview: Kodaline

Let’s be honest – we thought Kodaline were gonna be metal when we first heard the name being mentioned hither and tither on the proverbial musical grapevine. We made this arrogant assumption on the basis that we synonymise the emphatic use of the letter K with, well, Korn. Imagine the look of surprise on our chudsey faces when we laid our dry-reddish eyes on the eye-dampening video for Lose Your Mind, which gave us the distinct impression that (a) we shouldn’t listen to Korn as much as we do, and (b) these guys have a lot more in common with trippy-ass indie types like Duologue, Bon Iver, Jeff BuckleyFoy VanceKeaton Henson, and while we’re going on the whole honesty vibe we might as well chuck Coldplay and Stone Roses into the mix. Anyway, a heck of a good time has been had thus far by the gang of four from Dublin; having scored a sweet deal with indie-pop know-it-alls B-Unique (who are involved with RCA Victor; presumably they are a thing), they’re currently doing their thing by way of singing songs around the world supplemented by a slew of clever promo video clips, most recently for the track All I Want which also ended up being used on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. Or something like that. Anyway, we think they’re good. So naturally, we wanted to probe them. And probe them we did. Hard.

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

We are four young Irish gentlemen who play music, Steve, Mark, Jay and Vinny, collectively known as Kodaline.

KM: We can dig that. Four dudes speak with one voice. One hope. One quest. One love. This may well make it slightly more difficult for us to take the piss out of you, but we’ll try.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KhEEhnOL2yQ] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zMxBc09BvAc#!]

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

Lianne La Havas, Is Your Love Big Enough.  Her voice is definitely big enough for our love.

It also creates a great atmosphere for tea drinking in the winter time, which is a big hobby of ours, so it works out well. But maybe that’s just us.

KM: Four tea-drinking dudes. We take back what we said above. We wish to befriend you. We like tea. It solves all kinds of problems.


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

Stone Roses in Phoenix park. We’re big fans, was great to see them live, the atmosphere was cool. ‘She’s a waterfall, do do do, do do do…’ Tune!!


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

We’d love to moon time square in New York because we’ve never been there. Or maybe moon the moon just because its quite ballsy ‘but again maybe that’s just us’

KM: You can have your first choice, mainly as we’ve had mooning-the-moon more than once already, and we’ve found a pretty good clip of some rather well-spoken tourists filming themselves doing just that. From the looks of things, absolutely no-one in Times Square gives a shit when they present their rumps on one of the many big screens in the locality. Just something to consider.


You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

Ted Hawkins,Long As I Can See The Light.

KM: Cool. Any particular reason? No? Cool.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

That is an impossible question. But here it goes: Dark Side Of The Moon.

KM: Yeah, it’s actually a pretty easy question when you think about it. Cheers guy/guys.


The Kodaline EP is out now.

Thanks to Lorraine @ Charm Factory.

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