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Broken Twin
“Out Of Air”

Bit of a change o’ pace for y’all right here. No particular reason why. Perhaps we feel the need to take the mood down a little bit as we’ve been so damn jubilant of late, and – let’s be honest – if we don’t trust anyone who displays an inhuman amount of joy for a prolonged space of time and/or periodic bursts of happiness in the same space of time (we call these joygasms), then we can’t jolly well expect anyone else to treat us any differently, can we? For example, we are reminiscent of a young, up-and-coming pop singer whom we were sent to go and see (they call this scouting) about 4ish years ago. We didn’t like it, despite the wonderful cowgirl aesthetic. The music was actually okay. So why did we back out? Well, the reason for that is because, nicely setting aside any sort of musical objectivity here, she was too fucking HAPPY all the time, and that shit just isn’t right. Not in indie-rock world at least. Not in OUR indie-rock world. It’s the same reason no one ever thought Jiggly Puff was a worthwhile Pokemon. Yeah. Anyway, Broken Twin have arrived with their icy-cool, emotive, melancholic and potentially infinite-sadness-laden EP by the name of Hold On To Nothing from which current Track Of The Day Out Of Air is rather colourfully lifted. They are a duo. They are from Sweden. Sweden is cool; not just in the climatic sense but also due to the sheer number of class musical exports stemming out of that musical region of late-ish, like Niki & The Dove. In this instance, we are actually struggling to cite an underlying set of influences that we can identify with. Perhaps that’s because this is one of those much-needed shot of originality that we’re permanently gagging for. Or, more likely being the case, we’re just a little bit pooped owing to multiple joygasms occurring over this week. Anyway, let’s forget about all that and enjoy the thought-provoking vibes courtesy of this wonderful slice of songwriting.

Broken Twin – Out Of Air

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