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Dora Brilliant
“Talk It Up”

We gotta level with you dudes. We’ve have a sweet couple of days/nights. Friday; we discovered that we’ve been longlisted for a Record Of The Day award, second time in a row in fact. Which is nice. We could do with another shortlisting, mainly (as you lot well know) as we don’t get invited to that sort of thing very often – with good reason, mind, for we usually turn into “that” guy at any given formal-thingy-dressed-up-as-a-casual-thingy that we have inadvertently found ourselves stumbling through – and we’ve been given sort-of strict instructions to up this particular ante. Plus, we’re always into free booze. It always tastes better. The secret ingredient there is free. Saturday; fireworks – after all, everyone likes seeing shit burn and their council tax money quite literally being exploded above their heads. And – get this, yeah – AND we’re NOT hung over today. AND Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country is on (right now, it’s the Klingon courtroom scene where Worf from The Next Generation is somehow being a lawyer for Kirk and McCoy despite the former being set about 30-40ish years ahead of the latter, whereby all he does is shout “objection!” a couple of times and looks fucking pissed off everytime his ass gets mooted to shit by that conniving bastard General Chang). Soundtracking could not come in much more appropriate form than London cool-guys Dora Brilliant and this wonderfully-jagged little number Talk It Up. They’re a bit new. They’re a little crazy. They are more than a little bit wicked. They’ve got some guitar-spiciness that reminds us a bit of The Futureheads and/or The Young Knives, and the tone leaves a very-Eye Emma Jedi aftertaste in our mouths, and there’s some old-school Vertigo Of Bliss/Infinity Land Biffy Clyro in there somewhere. Other than quite clearly infering from a certain picture that there are between one and three human beings constituting the band overall and that they have not just one but two albums out at the moment (check out Oubliette and Real Bombing respectively and collectively), we quite clearly know fuck all about them, and quite frankly we’re a bit bored of writing rubbish about it and just wanna pogo around to this track a bit more. See ya.

Dora Brilliant – Talk It Up

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