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Damn Terran

If we were running a Word Of The Day section on this-here bloggington (let’s face it, it would probably feature infinite variations and usages of the be-all-end word jeah, which we know you lot totally don’t mind), today’s word would be “hanging”. The reason for that was the simply giant show that our merry men of Duologue delivered unto the masses – and we’re not making that up, there were actual masses, it being a sold-out show and all – at The Lexington last night. Beers were drunk. Song were sung. Heads were nodding. Shouting ensued. A portly man standing right in front of the stage started slow-dancing on his own to Push It. It was mental. However, the fresh pots that we’ve been imbibing all morning are simply not helping us out at all. We need something stronger revive the vibe (revibe? Jeah). We NEED Damn Terran; as consequence, you’re getting a dose of them too. They are Australian. There appears to be three of them. They like to make the rock music. We feel that, especially based on what we’ve heard they are certainly not afraid to hold back if the situation calls for it. Let’s take the Rebels situation – we’ve got some snarly vocals synonymous to that of Brody Dalle of The Distillers fame; music-wise, we’re looking at something akin to DZ Deathrays touching upon the borderlines of Queens Of The Stone Age; in our heads we imagine the live show to be something in the same vein as The Coathangers. That’s a lot of good shit right there. They seriously need to get their down-undies over here so we can appreciate the vibe even further.

Damn Terran – Rebels

Uh. HUH.

Damn Terran – Rational Economic Man

Damn Terran – Death Of Me


Damn Terran – Wasting Time

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