“Too Much”

Way back in the day, music felt like one of those massive parties that a lot of people had been invited to except for us. It was basically like being in school all over again. We’re not whining; that’s a true fact. We were never really that cool, which may well be one of the underlying causes driving us into music in the first place. Take forming or joining a band for the first time – why on earth would you take the considerable time and effort to (a) recruit a bunch of people that you then have to spend a lot more time and effort with/on for the indefinite medium-to-long term, (b) attempt to learn an instrument and then actually get good on it, and (c) replicate this effort in a recorded or live context and thus leaving yourself vulnerable to humiliation in front of a lot of people that you know and quite possibly respect, IF not to basically get with a member of the opposite sex, or whatever floats your boat for that matter? Anyway, we experienced that feeling again just now when we saw a heap of Facebook activity being directed towards an artist we know absolutely nothing about called Pale. It sounds like a bloke. The video depicts a more feminine character that merely stands mute for the duration of the clip having a lot of paint on their face, much in the same way as Worship in their video for Leviathan, although we’re pretty sure this mode of music video is not limited to these two examples. Breaking it down to what’s sonically appealling about the track, and hence why indeed we are writing about this in any event, we’re getting a vibe straddling Twin Shadow and Gotye, and to be perfectly honest we did find ourselves humming a melody not world’s removed from Olly MursHeart Skips a Beat around the fourth or fifth playback. Yes, we are certainly not one of the cool kids. That’s for fuckin’ sure.

Pale – Too Much


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