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Giselle Rosselli

Busy as bees at Killing Moon, that’s what we are. Aforementioned illness is subsiding a bit thanks to these kick-ass American drugs we picked up while we were visiting earlier this week (boy you guys sure know how to rock), albeit lingering as man-flu so often does. We’ll say that we’re at circa 80% fighting strength at the moment. But goddamn, next week is going to be intense. We’re about to drop the brand new single from our homeslices Duologue. We received the stock from the manufacturing dudes today. They look slicker than oil and sweeter than…sweets. We’d highly recommend you get one so you can share in the joygasm we’re currently experiencing. But that’s not all; we gots their single launch happening on Wednesday 31st October at the ol’ Lexington, which promises to be super. Rumour has it that this will be a halloween dress-up affair. We are considering shaving off certain areas of our beard hair, buying a poncho and/or sombrero, and being a Mexican. A scary Mexican, of course. Seriously though, we always get worked up on the weeks-eve before a single release. We want the world to love these bands as much as we do. Calming our nerves ever so slightly is this treat from fast-rising Australian type Giselle Rosselli, with her seemlessly-floaty delight of a track Silk, who in fact came recommended to us by buddy Draper at some point today. Upon second or third listen to this bad boy, we find ourselves humming along to it much in the same melody as exists in Two Door Cinema Club; in fact we’d go as far as to say this vocal from GR gives a mental image of the female version of Alex Trimble (yeah, go ahead and laugh, bastards), if he decided to go and do a Postal Service. The strings are a nice touch as well. Aesthetically she’s striking a Kimbra type vibe with us, and yes we’re basing that purely on a photo we saw on Facebook just now. She was also included on a Skins sync a little while back (well, 2010) as well, which serves as a perfect testament to just how on-it we are with the cutting edge new shit today. However, above all else, this is probably the best way for us to unwind just before shit gets so very real next week.

Giselle Roselli – Silk

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