“Where The River Runs”

We have returned. Well, one of us has returned. As in the one who buggered off to the other side of the Atlantic for a spell, which has left us feeling rather out of sorts for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we were quite taken by New York. It’s a bit like London. In fact, it is a lot like London, except the buildings are generally taller; the food portions are more-than-noticeably bigger; the police are a little bit more polite (they call you “sir” over there. British police seem to call you Mr/Mrs/Miss something-or-other. We prefer one over the other, clearly, because you can’t pronounce someone’s name incorrectly if you go for the sweeping-sir maneuver. Ya dig?), and they ID you even though you’ve got grey hair in your beardy. We found ourselves oscillating between a fear of treading out into the massive streets and/or avenues, and a longing desire to not be anywhere else in the world ever again. Whodathunkit after a mere few days? Secondly, we’ve got a minging cold now, most likely contracted from one of our own beer-swilling travelling party. We did drink an awful lot. But to be fair, we were sort of in holiday-mode and we weren’t on our own, so thats cool right? Anyway, in celebration of our journeyman-like attitude to life that we’ve now attained, coupled with our continuously runny-nose, here’s Malpas with their freshly-surfaced tunage Where The River Runs. Malpas were one of the first bands we ever wrote about on the Killing Moon Records blog of yore (it was a Blogspot jobby and its not there anymore), when we were living another life and in a different skin altogether; whereas before we found ourselves instinctively drawn to their charming plinkiness and xylophonetic stylings, this new, rejuvinated effort seems to show a marked step-up in production skill and lends itself much more to the electronic world than the folk stylings of, again, yore. To us, the vocal is as much a part of the instrumental construct of the track as it is a vehicle for delivering some pretty deep lyrics. If you’re into shit like Tunng and Worship (you KNOW that we are), there’s a strong chance you’ll love what’s happening here.

Malpas – Where The River Runs


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