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Hop Along
“Tibetan Pop Stars”

So. About that “scene” that we were on about on the weekend with previous Track Of The Day’ers Cold Fronts that we deem allocatable to the Philadelphia region and other proximate conurbations; all we meant was that we’ve come across a bunch of bands that just happen to be from that neck of the woods. We’re not going all B-town grunge revival about it. In fact, on that note, what actually constitutes a “scene”? We’ve recently been told the notion is more synonymous with the idea of a community; contrary with what we’ve been brought up to be true of the indie world and perhaps in direct contrast with what we perceive to be the status quo in the hip hop and urban genres, this is where bands with guitars help big each other up in the public domain, whether in the live or online contexts or otherwise, as opposed to secretly or openly taking a big shit in each others’ porridges (metaphorically of course. It would be pretty remarkable if bands actually went around doing that literally and thereby birthing the Shiddy Breakfast scene). We’d like to think that’s the case and that we’re now living in a time of inclusivity for the greater good, as a substantial departure away from all that Kill Your Friends shite. Perhaps people just can’t afford to be exclusive or isolated in that way anymore, and its not so much a cultural change but more a necessary act of survival. While we’re balancing our wishful ideology with our unshakable cynicism, why don’t you just bloody take a listen to another super-sounding bunch from Philly called Hop Along? Yes, lets do that. While we’re doing that, lets also think about the strong vocal from guitarist Frances that rings a similar vibe-bell to that of Ida Maria or perhaps Sheryl Crow from back in the day, wielded together with music that leaves Telekinesis and/or Manchester Orchestra-shaped marks in our brain-heads. From what we can tell, these guys and one gal tour pretty extensively and we are left in the hope that at some point they’ll get the tools they require to get along over here, if only we can pose pointless questions to them like what they reckon a “scene” is.

Hop Along – Tibetan Pop Stars

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