Deirdre & The Dark FI

Deidre & The Dark
“Classic GIrl”

Waking up after watching a weird movie is always an interesting experience. It’s a little bit like waking up after a big night and then getting a wash of dread as all the terrible things you did the night before come flooding back. We watched Naked Lunch last night, which is safely one of the more distressing films we’ve ever seen. Filled with lots of intravenous drug use, over-sized insects and awkward sexual encounters, Naked Lunch had left us feeling…monday. Then BLAM, we come across one of the happiest and most beautifully care-free songs we’ve heard in ages. Classic Girl is a bouncy journey that harks back to Brigitte Bardot, Au Revoir Simone and even has tinges of Blondie. Deidre & The Dark have nailed an intricate and classy 60’s aesthetic in the accompanying video, with Deirdre coming across as a wonderful care-free Nico-esque character. Sometimes all you need to get you out of a rut is a beautiful girl, a fun song and a pint of coffee/vodka.

Dierdre & The Dark – Classic Girl

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