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We’ve taken the brilliant step of pre-planning our hangover days. It was our actual birthday party last night, where we combined forces with two of our old-school hombres attributable to a desire to have one massive blow-out as opposed to three lesser blow-outs, and also because largely we enjoy the same ostensible group of friends and so crossing the streams on this occassion seemed more than appropriate. What ensued was an evening that fits into the “fuzzy” category. Oh yeah, there was some drinking. There was some shouting. There was more than a little bit of emotion which of course we’re still living with (that’s what hangovers basically are, innit). And man, was there ever some dance moves; in fact, shit, there was a brief dance-OFF at one point which we probably won. So, yeah, the plan for today is pretty much sit in our undies (jeah), chilling with our buddies Rancid on Spotify (they’re not our actual buddies, mind, although we wish they were), listening to a lot of new music that we haven’t been able to owing to, well, life getting in the way recently, and ultimately watching a lot of Wes Anderson films whilst imbibing a lot of fast food (brand yet to be decided, but we’re leaning heavily in favour of a deliverable option in light of the sitting-in-our-undies pre-fix), which sounds awfully art-school of us. Appropriateness in respect of both nomenclature and lyrical content comes from North Carolina crew Gross Ghost with their most-excellent tune Architect – for indeed it was another night spent on the town, and it was a night spent underground, and we’ll leave the song title bit to your warped imaginations. They started as a duo, and are now a five-o. They had a pretty kick-ass looking transparent 12″ of an album called Brer Rabbit released on the Grip Tapes label a short while back; but the buggers have gone and sold them all, and as consequence there’ll be another run being pressed at some point in a different colour – which is an idea we may well steal for ourselves in the future. For some reason, we assumed they would be Scottish, based on the vibes of Idlewild and We Were Promised Jetpacks we get when we hit the play button repetitively – although on fifth or sixth go, we’re now starting to get a whiff of Stone Roses and Velvet Underground. Great news for all concerned then, really. Even greater news is that you can download Architect from the Soundcloud thingy below.

Gross Ghost – Architect

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