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There’s nothing worse than an early start. Actually, scratch that, there’s nothing worse than an early start followed by a “wet lunch” (a term we still feel uncomfortable saying at the best of times.) Ne’er mind, the weather has combatted our collective chronic fatigue and helped us to pull through an otherwise unbearably long and arduous day! Tonight will no doubt be as blurry as it is fun, much like any good night out in West London. On to today’s TOTDers, Shields, who hail from Newcastle and are therefore unlikely to have enjoyed the same surprisingly luscious weather that we have. Mezzanine is a bouncy, jovial number that is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon such as this. Akin to Miike SnowEverything Everything and undoubtedly taking synth-spiration from Paul McCartney’s classic Wonderful Christmas Time, we’re simply overjoyed to have such a whimsical and happy TOTD for a Friday! Shields release their Kaleidoscope EP next month and we frankly can’t wait to spend the final weeks of the year dancing around the office maniacally.

Shields – Mezzanine


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