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Grime Kings
“That Ring”

It’s a happy day in Killing Moon HQ. We have had our heating “fixed” by the boiler man! He actually let us know that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place and that we don’t know how to use the thermostat and that we’re essentially morons. Tell me something I don’t know Mr. Boiler. With our new tropical climate comes a new found super-enthusiasm and work ethic! Actually, we spent a lot of the morning finding a photo of ourselves that doesn’t look like we’re recovering from a serious illness, followed by an afternoon of touching it up on Photoshop. Oh the vanity! Our track of the day has been one of our favourites for a week or so, but for some reason is only being posted today. Grime Kings, similar to Grimes, hail from Canada and have nothing whatsoever to do with our English understanding of Grime. That Ring sits somewhere between The Walkmen and Louis XIV while evoking something more classic like Love. It’s a beautifully pseudo-emotional track that draws you in and pushes you away simultaneously. The story, seemingly, is a classic love-found and love-lost tale, and our faithful protagonist is claiming his ring back from the harlot, exclaiming “I’d like it back or else put it in the trash!” A brilliant track, a brilliant concept, and a brilliant band name. Well done chaps.

Grime Kings – That Ring

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