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Dominic Lord

We’ve just woken up. Yeah, we’re being slobby. Before you fuckin’ start, we decided ages ago that Saturday [morning] is for sleeping, as is Sunday [morning and/or early afternoon], and there are only certain events that would make us act otherwise around this sort of time. Exteme circumstances, if you will – things like trying to go to an inaugral Atticus sale in the Old Truman Brewery, or getting our car MOT’d. You know what we mean. Today is peculiar, however, as we have arisen to several significant events concerning our person, which in itself feels like an achievement. Like, Draper‘s kick-ass remix of Ellie Goulding‘s Hanging On appearing on one of the album formats; or hearing our gratey, nasal, smoker’s-cough littered voice trying to describe some sort of music on our good chums Amazing Radio’s best-of panel show. Indeed, it is the latter of those two events that led us to writing about today’s Track Of The Day’er – as we so often do, being that every time we do one of these radio thingies we end up appropriating one of the featured acts and passing them off as our own discovery; but give us a break, we’re nearly 28 which is officially old and generally means we’re getting rusty – who goes by the name Dominic Lord. He used to roll with the A$AP bunch. He’s bona fide. Given that we don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to disseminating modern hip hop in quite the same way as we’re seemingly able to with stuff to do with guitars, nor would we be so bold as to attempt doing so given as Mos Def‘s Black On Both Sides is the only hip hop album we’ve purposefully gone out and bought in the past (which arguably is the ONLY one you need to own, right?), we’ll instead concentrate on the plaudits and props already directed this 18-year-old rapper’s way from the likes of contemparies we rate, such as Amazing Radio (obvs), RCRDLBL and The 405 in light of the release of his EP Fashion Show which was dropped at the beginning of September, and from which Pierce is lifted. This is something that belongs on your stereo, if you happen to have one with you on the roof at night with the whole of London at your feet.

Dominic Lord – Pierce


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