The Wildes FI

The Wildes
“She Gave Me Everything”

We’re feeling decidedly under the weather here at Killing Moon. But even with our throats dry, our muscles weak and our heads foggy, we have managed to inhale several flavoured lattes and all-butter croissants. Whoever said that caffeine doesn’t cure the flu was some kind of sadistic FREAK. What’s the origin of this flu, you ask? Well, without kissing and telling, let’s just say She Gave Me Everything including the flu. While we doubt that the spread of illness was the intended meaning of TOTDers The Wildes’ song She Gave Me Everything, it certainly provides an excellent segue for today’s post. The Wildes, not to be confused with the Melbourne inhabitants of the same name, are a four-piece from Kent creating fanciful, whimsical pop in a similar vein to contemporaries Sons & Lovers and previous TOTDers Paper BoatsIf you enjoy a good woah-oh-oh-oh-oh (and who the hell doesn’t) then check out their single on Bandcamp or even go and see them at Proud Camden on October 7th. Hopefully we’ll not have expired from illness before then.

The Wildes – She Gave Me Everything

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