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Francesca Bergami
“The Other Side”

Now that we’re legit commuters these days, we’ve begun to hate buses again. Like, seriously. What the fuck. Whilst weighing up the pros and cons of utilising public transport versus our extremely-family friendly automatic Renault Megane (jeah) in deciding which method we should employ to traverse the mean streets of West London, we found we couldn’t decide which of the following peculiarities vexes us more; the general fact that it takes a bus more than half an hour to travel a total distance of no longer than 500m, against the moral reprehensibility of au pairs/mums/angry women who think it’s a really good idea to use their pram and/or child as some sort of physical-and-emotional battering ram rather than simply asking us for assistance in picking up their shit and stowing it for them. We are not happy bunnies this morning. Anyway, soundtracking our path back to perpetual zen is this rather enchanting number from part-Italian-part-Australian-but-from-Portugal person Francesca Bergami with current Track Of The Day The Other Side, to which we genuinely feel we’ve been to and back today already. Perhaps more doomish-reality to other singer-songwriter’s twee, we reckon the backing track sound a bit Del Rey-ish in terms of an over-emphatic digital string section, and voice-wise we’re talking Adele or possibly KM-fave Bebe Black. And yes, we’re starting to see that Massive Attack video of Unfinished Sympathy in our heads when we hit the play button for the fifth time in a row. We understand there is an EP in the works, and she’s going out to LA or some shit like that to write with people for a bit. She also now lives in London. Clearly she travels a lot. We bet she doesn’t have to use the bus in order to do so though. Which is nice.

Francesca Bergami – The Other Side

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