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Racing Glaciers

Here at Killing Moon we believe, as you can see, that one should learn something new everyday. Subject to our appalling geographic raw talent or interest at school, we have only recently learnt to decipher Scotland, Ireland and Wales on a map of the UK (although we can name all 50 states in alphabetical order.) So, upon finding today’s beautifully-assonant TOTDers Racing Glaciers’ and their track South, we have been inspired to learn a little bit more about our home country. For example, did you know that a town becomes a city when a cathedral is built? MINDBLOW. Anyway, the music, South is reminiscent of a brisk walk through the countryside with the family dog. The obvious comparisons come to mind; Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, etc., but something about South is particularly evocative. Plus, the first two seconds of it sound like a track from Portishead‘s Dummy. DREAM. Racing Glaciers‘ self-titled EP came out yesterday and it’s just a bloody treat.

Racing Glaciers – South

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    • Candice

      Agreed! The melody is awesome but the trumpet just elevates the track. My brother who is absolutely not into any others kinds of music besides hip-hop, soul and R&B went and bought there single on bandcamp after I played it for him.

      • killingmoonlimited

        For the last week or so we’ve been having trumpet-offs with this as the soundtrack in the KM office. It’s just how we roll.

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