“Water Bombs”

Today, we’ve decided that we want to move out of Ealing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Ealing. Rioting and/or terrorism nesting aside, it has a lot to offer – we have pubs, bus stops, a costcutters, a broadway, and if you look on an appropriate map, we’ve even got our own tube station; it’s just that we’re about to get one year older, and we’re running out of excuses in relation to living in such close proximity to those two wonderful people who gave us life in the first place. Not cool, right? Problem is, we’re running out, or possibly have run out, of live-in chums. Remember that mad scramble for mates towards the end of your Freshers’ year at university? Where you had to establish your friendship as more a business relationship, lest you leave it too late and look like a right billy-no-mates when it’s time to find a place to live for that all-qualifying second year; whilst simultaneously making an equally-clear statement to everyone else concerned that you definitely do not want to live with them, despite smoking that jay with them in their halls of residence in Fresher’s week and bonding over a made-up love of their home-made trance house demo? Well, even if you don’t, that’s basically what’s happening to us, except we’ve left it so fucking late in terms of relative maturity that everybody we would like to live with has long since sorted themselves out, like 20-somethings are supposed to do. Hence we are looking at the very real and quite-immediate prospect of living alone for the first time, which may indeed be the final coffin nail in our quest to grow the fuck up seeing as we managed to pull it out a few years back. In celebration of the latest death of our adult-childhood, Australian duo Twinsy have recently surfaced a clip for boomtastically fun track Water Bombs. Twinsy is composite of two chums – and yes, we do wonder at this point whether they live together, as true buddies should – called Michael and Guy, who respectively also appear in other acts called Hunting Grounds and Yacht Club. Of course, we’ve done bugger all research into those two acts at this point, and thus we have no idea if Twinsy is the collective sum of its parts, or if its these two dudes venting an otherwise-untapped spleen. Whatever, yeah? We’re getting whiffies of Black Kids doing Cults doing Strange Talk all wrapped up in a Polarsets-style tropicana exterior as far as today’s Track Of The Day is concerned, and we’ll let the obvious production quality speak for itself; indeed, aesthetically aided by the wonderful video viewable below serves us as a great reminder that we really shouldn’t be taking life as it currently stands too seriously, which might involve not worrying so much what anybody else thinks. Wish us luck on that one.

Twinsy – Water Bombs



Twinsy – Take Me Home

Twinsy – Keeping It Together

Twinsy – Back Of My Car

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