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Vision Fortune
“Heavy Saddles”/”Natural Faze”

Let us tell you about Ikea. In our heads, it is a wonderful place populated with innovative designs of things that we don’t know how to use, flatpack boxes full of joy and wonderful utensils, and meatballs. Lots of fucking delicious Swedish meatballs. In reality, the main thing it is populated with is shitloads of cars all scrambling for the one parking spot that isn’t lightyears away from the actual shopping bit, and even shitterloads more people wondering about in a perpetual state of gorm (apart from the psychic bastards that seem to know precisely where in the warehouse bit all the good shit is that clearly 90% of attendees are after), and more meatballs than we could possibly imagine. And orange soda. So, that pretty much sums up the last 48 hours for us, and as you can imagine, we’re now a bit mental with fatigue and Swedish meatballs. Soundtracking our latest mental episode rather perfectly is a band who we’ve been reliably informed are developing a slight cult following, called Vision Fortune. They were recommended to us at that party we went to on Saturday – we cannot remember the name of the guy who told us about them, and he seemed to think that we definitely wrote for NME once upon a time (we didn’t/haven’t), but cheers guy. This lot may well fall into the category of prog, psychadelia, or even something we’ve recently been touting as “musician’s musicians”, by virtue of their clear propensity to write and record music that is simply mind-bending to listen to for prolonged periods – perhaps this could be the spawn of a bodily collision between The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Focus that we’ve always wished for. Perhaps, in a more modern context, this could be the dream combination between Islet, Temples, and Three Trapped Tigers (albeit in regards to the latter, less digital vibes, less so-insanely-complicated-drumming-that-you’ll-never-be-able-to-emulate-it, and way more bunning). Who knows. It’s just a real sweet trip to listen to from where we’re sitting.

Vision Fortune – Heavy Saddles

Vision Fortune – Natural Faze


Here be monsters.

Vision Fortune – Drag

Vision Fortune – In My Father’s House There Are Mansions

Vision Fortune – Black Ocean Glow

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