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Angus Powell

Today has been just one massive pathetic fallacy. That means, we’ve been hungover – too damn hungover to sleep it off – and it’s been pissing it down non-stop all day. Oh wait, it has stopped now, at midnight. Brilliant. It’s not all been bad though. We’ve not had to go outside all day, and have instead sat around in our swimming trunks which we didn’t end up utilising at our mates’ housewarming last night despite there being a real-life hot tub in the mix – we know. We blew it. In our defence, a guy with a lot of scabs had gone in before we had a chance to have a go, and there was too much drinking and general catching up that we needed to do. Hence the hangover. Providing suitable soundtracking duties to our day of dishevelment is Welshman Angus Powell and his damn-near of a tearjerker track Monsters. Our man Angus has been doing his thing for a bit now and recently dropped a self-released digital EP of which our current Track Of The Day is the title track. Super. Other than having probably one of the strongest sonic stances in terms of dealing with a songwriting ability on a par with Bon Iver, Band Of Horses and Damien Rice, as well as reminding us strongly of previous TOTD alumni The White Album and a bit o’ fellow Welshsters Golden Fable, Mr. Powell’s other interests include wondering around places with boxes full of what appear to be rocks and just leaving it where ever he jolly well feels like it. No messin’. Unfortunately we’ve only got a 57-second preview Soundcloud embed here, but you’ve got the video of the full track as well. Pretty good.

Angus Powell – Monsters


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