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Second Stab: Low Moon Low
“Fever” / LULS
“Swing Low”

Another night with our heads in the oven. Well, not literally, but we have just imbibed a fantastical spicy pizza that Brother Killing Moon opted for, and combined with our growing sense of cabin fever, and you might begin to appreciate why we’re convinced our head is going to melt pretty soon. The abundance of booze in our abode is not helping. For instance, get this – we could be out booming it up with Jade Hopcroft right now, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lisa Marie Presley. Why aren’t we doing that? Saying it sounds great, whilst when the bloody thing is actually put to us, we go “oh no, couldn’t possibly. We’ve got to stay in and talk to the internet. Internet needs us and our baggage”. Fuck’s wrong with us? Anyway, tomorrow that’ll all change. We’ll be racing around town with young Draper, talking to people about stuff, shooting some shit, lubing the deals, that kind of rubbish; all ahead of his big London debut on Wednesday. You’re coming right? Sure you are. You’re not the type to just, y’know, stay the fuck in when sommat big is going down. And if you do, you won’t be able to talk to us, because we’ll be out being free and young and shaking our booty-holes to some sweet tunes. Anyhoo, that’s that. Here’s some new music from two previous Track Of The Day’ers that we’ve been, indeed, familiarising ourselves with lately that we just had to justify the time and space to deliver to y’all.

Back once again, indeed much like some kinda renegade masters, are progressive indie bunch Low Moon Low, who previously had us swooning like a schoolgirl being asked to the Year 2 Valentine’s Disco when they barged down the fortress walls of our steadfast and apparently-quite-vulnerable-to-cyber-attacks-as-we-discovered-last-week inbox with mournful indie anthem Slow Train. Well, seems that train has sped the fuck up slightly as evidenced by this brand new track called Fever. Whereas the band displayed the progressive makings synonymous to the likes of Mogwai and (of fucking course) Alt-J in our humble opinion in the former encounter, this next bout feels a bit like Mumford & Sons being overrun by certain members of Everything Everything, and leaving a distinct Spring Offensive taste on our Tunng (geddit? GEDDIT?). Which isn’t normal. Probably got some of that pizza stuck in our teeth or sommat. Check out the clip for the track below whereby they categorically prove our point that learning guitar is probably the most difficult thing in the world.


Low Moon Low – Fever

Now this is a bit spesh. LULS were making us bounce off the walls owing to their penchant for silhouette profile pictures and their musical affinity with the likes of Klaxons and Yeasayer, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Now these chaps ride back into our ears atop a steed named Swing Low, demonstrating a step up in songwriting and perhaps a desire to show what they can do given a larger audience and platform to showcase their shit. Which is convenient, seeing as they’ve landed themselves a sweet tour with other-previous-Track-Of-The-Day-types (and no, we don’t really get sick of saying that) Spector and they’re very much going to have the very same opportunity at the Shepherds Bush Empire in November and probably other similarly-sized venues in and around the country. If you dig your Jane’s Addiction in addition to the other couple of names we’ve dropped into the mix already, then you’re in for a sweet ride with this effort.

LULS – Swing Low

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